The Best Place on the Planet

       My Sweet Home is the bestest place on this planet to live in. Everytime I visit, my Mom n my Dad(who are always there to welcome me), my elder sis'(if she happens to be there),and each n every household  piece makes me the most happiest person on the planet leaving behind all the worries. And they all seem to echo “HAKUNA MATATA”
       So,here I want to share few pictures of “In And Around The House” that I live in.Here we go with the first pic… The Entrance

The Living room (and we call it the Drawing Room, I wonder why!)…

And Mom tries her best to take care of these…(not to forget, Dad does help her in the Terrace Garden)

Yes, even I had a Gijoe too like most of the kids. Also had few Barbies which I had spoiled very terribly…


 Oh yeah..!! We too owned a Padmini (FiAT) which led us to many destinations…
All we have are the memories and this(pic below)..

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