The Wonder Years

Don’t know how many of you have watched this TV series…however,me as a teenager, loved this American television comedy-drama. It used to air on Star Plus on Indian TV network in the late nineties, much long after the original telecast and I was in my early teens.

“Kevin Arnold, the main character, recalls growing up during the 60’s; the turbulent social times make the transition from child to adult unusually interesting.”

More than a decade had passed by.I think it was three or fours years back, I wondered why does not the channels show this series again like the FRIENDS series which is telecasted again n again. And moreover you won’t find any DVD boxset for this series due to music licensing issues. The other day, I was just surfing through the channels on the idiot box and suddenly saw it airing on Comedy Central..

Watched it..loved it..

Love the characters of Kevin, Winnie n Paul…

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