Nohkalikai WaterFall


This photo was shot way back in the year 2006 at Cherrapunji in Meghalaya.

When we reached the site, initially we could not view anything at all but could hear only the sound of the water. The complete view was covered with a thick mass of cloud and a local man there told us that if we are not lucky we might have to return without experiencing the beautiful view of this amazing waterfall. Just then, when the man had finished his conversation, the cloud started to move slowly making its way for this perfect view. So without any delay, I just managed to take a picture before the cloud came and had covered it again.

This fall has the record of being the tallest plunge waterfall in India.

P.S. The photo was shot with my Dad’s still camera.

2 thoughts on “Nohkalikai WaterFall

  1. Awesome photo! Well done. Reminds me of the Twin Falls @ Springbrook near where I live. But they are not quite as spectacular as this waterfall. The sound must have been great coming out of that Canyon!

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