Dal Lake

The following pictures were taken from a recent vacation to Jammu & Kashmir.

This is the flamboyant Dal Lake in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. This massive lake covers an area of 22 sq. kms.

Kashmiri Lasses

Kashmiri Lasses rowing in the lake.

Dal lake

Shikara, the wooden boats, is the unique cultural symbol of Kashmir. You can find them in almost same sizes however decorated in different styles in order to attract tourists like me. And do not forget to bargain before going for a ride in any one of these.

Dal lake

The Dal Lake has a large area covered with Water Lilies, spread across several kilometers…

Dal lake

You can find these Water Lilies in yellow and white colors….

Dal lake

The scene of women rowing boats is just so common in this lake unlike other parts of India.

Dal Lake

You can find mountains only on one side of the lake…

Dal Lake

Dal Lake view at sunset…

Dal Lake

Dal Lake

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