India needs more BYJU’s(an Indian edtech company)

BYJU’s – This eight-member team has shaped the single-man brand into a force that’s contributing in India’s budding edtech space. I still remember the days when I used to attend classes at BYJU’s almost 10 years back in late 2010, they used to teach us at Jyoti Nivas College Auditorium, Kormangala, Bangalore. The first day was a demo class at the St. John’s Hospital Auditorium, Kormangala, Bangalore and this very first day I was impressed by one of their team members ‘Prakash Sir’ (now Chief Marketing Officer at BYJU’s)when he gave my auto fare as I didn’t have the change to pay it(I had Rs. 500 in my pocket and the fare was around Rs. 70). As he was standing in the footpath watching the students entering in, he overheard my conversation with the autorickshaw driver about the money. He quickly took out the change and gave it to the driver and said to me, ‘Go inside, classes are about to start’. Till then, I had no idea he was part of the team. This was my very first impression of the BYJU’s and I was overwhelmed by this man. I can say, he is a good man and I have shared this experience with many of my friends and family members.

And after that, going inside the auditorium, I was taken aback by the number of students who were seated there. I tell you there were 100s of them who had come for the demo class. As far as I remember, Byju Sir(this man had scored 100 percentile in CAT and didn’t join any B-school) started by teaching Geometry, and never ever have I felt that solving geometry questions could be so easy. Mainly these were the things which led me to register for a crash course at BYJU’s. Classes used to be held every Saturday and Sunday(whole day almost) and each day there used to be hundreds of students. And each day, the team always tried their level best to answer all our problem sets if we had doubts. Especially, Byju Sir taught us to solve Math problem sets, the tips and tricks at a different level (it was fun to learn that way) and I used to think if only I could have ever learned Math this way in high school. There were students who were attending regular classes and few of us attended the crash course. On the last day of our course, the team gave us Ferrero Rocher chocolates(for me those were the most pricey chocolates) wishing good luck for our exams, and that was the last time I had come in contact with the BYJU’s. 

After almost 5 years, in 2015 I think, I searched them again(as I had always liked their teaching method), and found out they have an app called ‘BYJU’s The Learning App’ where they have uploaded their teaching videos. It was a very simple app back then and this was the time they had launched the app for school students and competitive exams. In 2017, I saw the news, that Facebook has invested in BYJU’s, and by this time they were doing great in the edtech space and specially for the school children. In 2019, BYJU’s was announced to be the official sponsor of the Indian cricket team(all cricket fans out here, I think you must have seen the Indian Team jersey) and I realized it was the most valued edtech company. 

And now, just 1 week before, I installed their app again. By this time I had watched the movie Shakuntala Devi, and my mind was curious about doing math calculations in Vedic method and I remember Byju Sir had taught us a few tricks in the same way. In the app, I saw a great transformation in their interactive design and the number of courses for the school children and the grown-ups, and also there is a lot more to explore in the app. I have watched a few videos, the Science ones from 8th grade and I feel it is the best way of teaching school students which can clear up all the basic fundamentals. The team is larger now and they are delivering world-class learning experiences, programs and are making learning contextual and visual. 

I started searching for them more and found out they have partnered with many global visionaries to make millions fall in love with learning and also as we all know that a few days back BYJU’s acquired WhiteHat Jr, an 18-month-old startup of Karan Bajaj (I have read only ‘Keep off the Grass‘ written by this man) that focuses on teaching programming to young kids, they are on their way of providing the students an unparalleled learning experience. Hope this is accessed and experienced by the millions of children in India who are deprived of understanding basic fundamentals. At BYJU’s, learning is always fun and India needs more of such Byju Sir.

P.S. Yes, I have returned the money to Prakash Sir.

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