Nohkalikai WaterFall

This photo was shot way back in the year 2006 at Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. When we reached the site, initially we could not view anything at all but could hear only the sound of the water. The complete view was covered with a thick mass of cloud and a local man there told us that … Continue reading Nohkalikai WaterFall

Grandma Steps Into Her 100th Year Today!

       My Aita (Maternal Grandma) Saraswati Kakoti(née Rajkhowa) is celebrating her 100th Birthday today.... Aita is an awesome, intelligent, courageous and a beautiful woman of 99! She was born in the year 1914(the year of the First World War) in Dibrugarh town(Assam, India). She is the great grandchild of  Maniram Dewan, who was one … Continue reading Grandma Steps Into Her 100th Year Today!

An Old Office

This is an old abandoned government office in the botanical garden(Lalbagh) of Bangalore. Seems abandoned to me because of the scribblings on the wall and the old dirty pipes. (Cannot make out whats written on that green board since I don't have any knowledge of the Kannada script).

Trip to a Mini Tibet…

            Bylakuppe, home to two of the many Tibetian settlements in India was established by Lugsum Samdupling and Dickyi Larsoe. This place is located to the west of the Mysore district in the Indian state of Karnataka and is 220km from Bangalore. The twin town is Kushalnagar, which is 6km … Continue reading Trip to a Mini Tibet…