Grandma Steps Into Her 100th Year Today!

       My Aita (Maternal Grandma) Saraswati Kakoti(née Rajkhowa) is celebrating her 100th Birthday today.... Aita is an awesome, intelligent, courageous and a beautiful woman of 99! She was born in the year 1914(the year of the First World War) in Dibrugarh town(Assam, India). She is the great grandchild of  Maniram Dewan, who was one … Continue reading Grandma Steps Into Her 100th Year Today!

Heritage of the Ahom Kingdom

The Ahom Kingdom (Assamese: আহোম ৰাজ্য) (1228–1826, also called Kingdom of Assam) was a kingdom in the Brahmaputra valley in Assam, India that maintained its sovereignty for nearly 600 years and successfully resisted Mughal expansion in North-East India. The kingdom's capital was Sivasagar, formerly known as Rangpur. This is the picture of the Raja's(or King) Palace called KARENGHAR in Gorgaon. RANGHAR is a double-storied, oval shaped amphitheater with a … Continue reading Heritage of the Ahom Kingdom

The Best Place on the Planet

       My Sweet Home is the bestest place on this planet to live in. Everytime I visit, my Mom n my Dad(who are always there to welcome me), my elder sis'(if she happens to be there),and each n every household  piece makes me the most happiest person on the planet leaving behind all the … Continue reading The Best Place on the Planet